You’ve had a life-changing how is your life going to change?

Your relationships with the GESI program and GESI staff don’t end here. We are always available to answer questions, give guidance, and listen to “where-do-I-go-from-here” identity crises.

Stay in touch! Update your alum contact form. See below for next steps in this journey.

GESI & Buffett Opportunities

After GESI, the Buffett Institute continues to provide career support, resume, fellowship, and job application reviews, individual advising, grant opportunities and much more to strengthen the global efforts of our alums.

  • Stay up to date with GESI and the Buffett Institute by subscribing to our global engagement opportunities e-newsletter and weekly events digest.
  • GESI Student Instructors: Are you interested in reconnecting with your GESI experience?  Want to support students as they live and work abroad? Here's your chance! As a GESI student instructor, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to GESI participants’ learning experience by providing students with academic and personal support. You'll also assist in teaching and teaching-related duties, including facilitating group discussions, observing and commenting on group dynamics, preparing feedback on weekly reports throughout the summer, and more. Applications are due March 1. Questions? Contact Corey Portell at or 847.467.2689.

Alum Networking

After joining the GESI community, there’s so much space to keep in touch with (or meet more) alums who've been or are in the same boat.

  • Join a student group at school. At Northwestern, groups like the Northwestern Community for Human Rights (NUCHR), GlobeMed, and the Global Engagement Summit (GES) are just a few of the student groups with like minded values. Even if you’re not at Northwestern, look for groups on your campus.
  • Stay in touch with your partner organization. Partners love hearing from alums, and have plenty of ways to stay involved, including facebook groups, going back aboad, internships, and ambassador programs. 

Research & Fellowships

Fellowships are gateways to new steps, whether it be graduate school, travel abroad, research, language acquisition, development or policy internships, and more.

Publishing Opportunities

Many of you have already made an effort to record your field notes and the insights you have collected along the way- so why stop now! Check out some ways to continue publishing your work.

Career Development & Internships

As a GESI alum, you’ve already taken a  big step towards your next internship or career move, so here are some more opportunties

Opportunities in Chicago

Local is global, and global is local! Here are some great ways to be a global citizen in Chicago.