One active way GESI encourages story sharing is through the Open Letters curriculum. Open Letters were introduced to GESI in the summer of 2014, in collaboration with GESI India 2011 alums, Danielle Littman and Ariel Maschke, as an exercise to deepen reflective practice, reinforce group formation and provide opportunities for students to convey the impact of their experiences and engagement in new ways. The Story Slam is the live recording of GESI students sharing an Open Letter. These are live recordings that have not been edited or modified.

Listen Up!

Starting in Summer 2015, GESI started capturing recordings of students sharing their Open Letters at a Story Slam event during GESI's Final Reflection Summit. As the GESI alum group grows, so will the shared stories. GESI is working to integrate Open Letters as a reintegration tool to encourage on-going reflective practice as students return home and continue to process their GESI experiences. Additionally, the use of the Open Letters will be expanding its framework as an alum engagement activity.

Stay tuned, and listen to real student stories below!

Story Slam Summer 2016


Story Slam Summer 2015