There are a number of requirements that you are expected to adhere to while studying abroad, which can be found below. Read these requirements over carefully, and make sure you understand and follow them. Students who do not abide by these requirements risk losing credit for their time abroad.


You will need to schedule a 30-minute meeting with a GESI staff member after you have confirmed your place in the program. This will be an opportunity to discuss steps leading-up to pre-departure and any questions generated after reviewing the pre-departure packet. An email with meeting scheduling instructions will be sent to you.


All Northwestern study abroad programs host a mandatory pre-departure orientation. You’ll be notified via email with the orientation date and details. Health, safety, and cultural adjustment will all be discussed. It will also be an opportunity to meet your other GESI teammates. *Off campus students do not need to attend.

Below is essential information about the expectations around your academic perfomance.

  • Maintain satisfactory academic performance before going abroad, which includes completing any outstanding incompletes.
  • Students placed on academic probation after their applications were approved may not be permitted to study abroad.

Below is essential information about the expectations around your student conduct.

  • Maintain a clean student conduct record. Students may not be permitted to study abroad if they (a) were on housing or disciplinary probation when they were approved and did not successfully complete the probation, or (b) incurred housing or disciplinary violations after their applications were approved. 
  • Students who will be on disciplinary probation during the term(s) in which they are scheduled to study abroad are not eligible to study abroad for academic credit at Northwestern, even if their Northwestern Application had been previously approved.

Read about the Northwestern Study Abroad Withdrawal policy.
*Non-Northwestern students:

  • If you submit a signed online Program Confirmation form but do not submit a $1,000 deposit within seven days of your deadline, you will be subject to an additional $500 penalty fee. If you withdraw from a program after submitting a signed online Program Confirmation form, you will be charged unrecoverable costs incurred on your behalf by the program office, and your deposit will not be refunded.