Congratulations on your acceptance to GESI! Once you have been notified of your acceptance, a chain of events begins. There are several steps you and the GESI staff must take to ensure all documentation is submitted and all preparation measures run smoothly.

Post-Acceptance Checklist 

Once you have been notified of your acceptance, you must confirm your place in the program by the date listed on your acceptance letter. *Non-Northwestern students must submit forms via mail as well as email the GESI staff that documents have been sent by the date listed on your acceptance letter. Finally, all non-Northwestern students need additional signatures on your Visiting Student Registration form; be sure to obtain those as soon as possible. 

Obtain a passport now if you do not already have one. Passport processing takes at least six weeks. Call your local post office to see what days they offer passport application processing. If you already have a passport, make sure it is valid for at least six months after your date of return to the USA, if not, you will need to renew your passport. You cannot travel outside of the country without a passport. Once you have your passport, be sure to login to the online application to update your information there.

Schedule your doctor visit for March/April now! All GESI participants are required to meet with a health professional before departure to obtain any required/suggested immunizations, and to consult with your doctor about any pre-existing conditions and how to manage them abroad. Remember to bring your health form for a signature, if needed (you must complete the Pre-Departure Health Assessment Checklist in the online application first to determine this information)! Certain immunizations take up to six weeks to become effective, and things like temperature, altitude, storage ability, and more affect some medications so it is important to learn what preparations need to be made. Consulting with a travel health professional will help you to stay healthy and prepared while abroad. For a list of travel health clinics, visit our Health & Safety page.

Early March
You will receive a lengthy email from the GESI staff detailing next steps you need to take fairly quickly. Included is the Pre-Departure Packet (including a packing list!), required pre-departure forms (due soon!), NU electronic access for non-NU students, Canvas instructions, detailed online pre-departure form instructions, passport and visa information, and reminders about immunizations and health.

Early March
Begin your readings for GESI! We know Pre-Departure is a ways away, but it is much easier to spread out your readings than to cram the night before, and you’ll get much more out of them! Be sure to take good notes so you can refer to them in June. Start by reading one article per week.

Return any and all pre-departure forms that have been requested of you. You can find each form and its due date on our Required Forms page. This page will be updated as forms become available. 

Mid-March through April
Spring break is a great time to meet with a travel doctor, or your primary care physician. Check with your primary care provider to see if they are able to provide you with necessary immunizations and medications, if not, schedule an appointment with a travel clinic. Find information on our Health & Safety page.

Internship placements and student list are finalized; information will be sent to GESI students in an email. 

Early/Mid May
A second lengthy email from the GESI staff will include details about the mandatory orientation (for Northwestern students), arrival and departure information for Pre-Departure, instructions for a homework assignment (due the first day of Pre-Departure!), billing information, and more. 

Before May 15, 2018!
Complete Pre-Departure Health Assessment and Pre-Departure sections of the online application no later than May 15, 2018. Login to your Northwestern application to complete the necessary steps for Sections Three  (Health Assessment) and Four (Pre-Departure Information) if you have not already done so. If you have a pre-existing condition, you will be required to obtain a signature from a medical professional stating you have met with them. Though not required, we encourage you to share any pre-existing conditions with a member of the GESI staff in order that we can direct you to the right resources, and/or assist you in making appropriate arrangements abroad. Our goal is to help make GESI an accessible, positive experience for you, and we have worked with many students to help manage conditions abroad successfully.

May 10
You will receive your summer invoice through CAESAR on May 10, less any deposits and/or GESI scholarship; your payment will be due on June 1. Additional charges, such as airfare, may be posted on June 10, and final payment will be due on July 1.  

May 9 Orientation from 6pm-8pm in Norris
All Northwestern students are required to attend GESI’s orientation. We will cover topics from health and safety abroad to packing well. This is also a great opportunity to discuss any questions you may have before Pre-Departure. Any non-Northwestern student in the Chicago area is welcome to attend.

Mid-May to early June
Complete all GESI readings and your “Pack Your Brain” homework assignment due the first day of Pre-Departure.

Week Before Pre-Departure
Your site team will send Homestay assignments to you; look for an email from one of the GESI or site-team staff members.