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Winneba, Ghana

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As the first colonized country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence, Ghana is a nation that prides itself in its progress while rooting itself in tradition. GESI students will live and work in Winneba in central Ghana, located between the capital city of Accra and Cape Coast. Winneba is a proud fishing village, and adjacent to the Muni Pomadze Protected Wildlife Area.



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The town of Winneba is most known for its fishing and music. Home of the National Academy of Music, Winneba has been an important place for many Ghanaian musicians and music teachers. Its location as a fishing port for both river and sea fish has deeply affected its economy, culture, and society.


Through partnerships with Amizade and the local organization Challenging Heights, GESI students will work within the areas of water conservation, youth advocacy, and non-profit management (especially grant writing and organizational research).

Students will have individual internship placements, but will collaborate with other GESI Ghana students on a group project as well. The group project will be designed and implemented based on the information students obtain through the internship, the interviews they conduct, and the relationships they build within the community.

Placements will be with Challenging Heights and/or its partner organizations that impact its systematic approach.

Challenging Heights is a Ghanaian NGO that focuses on ending child slavery and protecting the rights of children. Challenging Heights approaches their work through three pillars: rescue & recovery, prevention, and advocacy.


Amizade will offer a weekly Twi lesson and a weekly Fante lesson. There will also be opportunities to learn traditional drumming and dancing and hear local community speakers.

Most of the Ghanaian host families are considered middle income and are eager to involve students in their lives. Cooking is a central activity, and most food preparation takes time. While some homes will have stoves, many others cook on charcoal outside the home.

Fast Facts

      • Work areas: education, youth advocacy, and non-profit management.
      • Length of partnership: GESI location since 2017
      • Official language: English is the official language, and Asante Twi is spoken by 16% of the population. Students will take Fante during pre-departure.
      • Popular excursions: Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Slave Castle, Kwame Nkrumah Museum, and palm oil and cocoa oil plantations.
      • ClimateFrom June to August, the average high is 87° F and average low 76° F.
      • Major religion:71.2% Christian, 17.6% Muslim

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