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Known for its distinct landscapes, language, and cuisine, Vietnam also offers opportunities to work in human rights or environmental conservation. GESI students live in the capital city of Hanoi in northern Vietnam, a city that reflects colonialism, imperialism, and modernity.


Kaya Responsible Travel

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Students work through Kaya Responsible Travel, an organization that focuses on ethical and intentional volunteering. Students will work with one of three organizations:

  • The Kenan Institute of Asia, an NGO that works throughout Southeast Asia. Work areas are in public health, young entrepreneurship, labor rights, human rights, and corporate social responsibility.
  • Green ID, a Vietnamese NGO that focuses on sustainable energy, water, air governance, and green development.
  • The Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender, Family, Women and Adolescents (CSAGA), a Vietnamese NGO focused on gender equality, domestic violence, women trafficking, gay rights, and violence against children.

Hanoi is a fast-moving place filled with universities, markets, and urban life. Here you will find a blend of ancient history and modern comforts with both Japanese and French influences. Located on the Red River Delta, Hanoi is warm and humid, with fragrant markets and vibrant street life.

Your Vietnamese host family will likely be a middle-class family with WiFi, and A/C or an electric fan. Dinner will be eaten with your family, but most people in Hanoi eat breakfast outside the home and lunch with work colleagues.

Students also have a “buddy,” a Vietnamese university student who can show you around the city and provide cultural support and context. There will be a cooking lesson, and your buddy will go shopping with you for the best market haggling and ingredients!

Fast Facts

  • Work areas: public health, young entrepreneurship, labor/human rights, gender equality, gender-based violence, sustainable energy, and green development.
  • Length of partnership: GESI location since 2017
  • Official language: Vietnamese. Students will take Vietnamese during pre-departure.
  • Popular excursions: Halong Bay tour (floating fishing village, UNESCO World Heritage Site), Cuc Phuong National Park, and Ninh Binh Tour
  • Climate: From June to August the average high is 89° F and average low is 80° F. It is also the rainy season.
  • Major religion: 81% none, 7.9% Buddhist, 6.6% Catholic

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