En-Visioning a Stronger Community in the Dominican Republic

En-Visioning a Stronger Community in the Dominican Republic

Santa Cruz del Seibo, Dominican Republic
GESI Team:
Princess-India Alexander, Shandon Coffman, Katherine Castillo-Valentin
Social Entrepreneur Corps
Development Sectors:
Education / Youth; Social Entrepreneurship; Income Generation; Women's Empowerment
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Summer 2015

Project Background

In the Dominican Republic, the GESI team worked on a program titled “Impact in Schools” in which Soluciones Comunitarias (Community Enterprise Solutions) could build lasting relationships with local schools through the implementation of their programs, such as affordable water filters and free eye exams, into these community institutions. GESI team members met with and interviewed school administrators and teachers to assess what they already knew about SolCom and provide them with more information about what SolCom could offer (school-sized water filters, vision exams, and solar lamps). The team also created a video that SolCom can use to show employees and community members the impact that the NGO has had throughout the region. For this project, the GESI students interviewed current and previous clients and community members.

In Vicentillo, GESI team members worked with a group of women selling various types of chocolates. Although these businesswomen functioned at a basic level of business knowledge, the team helped the women to create inventory and bookkeeping systems to improve business practices and increase revenue.

Lastly, this team also gave “charlas” (presentations) for a local youth group to discuss SolCom’s offerings but also on topics such as accounting, savings and sexual education.