Improving Health and Building Relationships in Nicaragua

Improving Health and Building Relationships in Nicaragua

Masaya, Nicaragua
GESI Team:
Kelsey Henquinet, Michael Knudsen, Kristen Snyder
Foundation for Sustainable Development
Development Sectors:
Health; Income Generation; Agriculture; Water; Environmental Sustainability
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Summer 2014

Project Background

Alternativa, a microfinance and community outreach organization located in Masaya, expressed interest in having the GESI team strengthen their relationship with six clients in the rural area of Las Flores by collaborating to improve community health conditions, specifically with regards to water-borne illnesses and nutrition.

A partnership with a local organization that specializes in water-based projects allowed the GESI students to work with the clients to install water drains to eliminate contaminated standing water on their property.

The team also worked with a local agriculture expert to build a model chicken coop. Raising chickens can offer community members an additional source of both income and nutrition. The model chicken coop serves as a prototype for families who want to build one for themselves, as well as protects families' chickens, and creates a more sanitary system of raising chickens for their eggs.

The outcome of this GESI group's work is not only the water filters and the chicken coop; more importantly, it is the new partnership between Alternativa and their clients, built around successful collaborative efforts.