Summer 2012

Project Background

The Jatan interns’ goal was to assist a self-help group (SHG) composed of women in two Udaipur neighborhoods in increasing their sales. The SHG, called UGER, was founded to improve its members’ skills and provide them with a stable income. UGER had been attempting to sell stitched goods to increase their incomes, but found that the market for these products was already saturated. UGER needed to stitch an innovative product that could be marketed to a wider audience. With the inspiration of a women’s health advocate, the interns helped UGER to create a line of cloth sanitary pads to replace the unsanitary menstrual management practices common in the area, such as using dirty rags filled with sand. The interns worked with the Jatan to market and sell UGER goods. They facilitated a five-day workshop, during which six UGER women created a trial run of 80 pads. The interns also created marketing materials for various audiences and updated the Jatan website to ease the ordering process. To ensure that the project continues to grow, funds have been set aside for a marketing campaign that will send pad samples and educational materials to NGOs across India. The new inventory and ordering systems will allow UGER to process their stock in a simple and efficient manner. Additionally, the new UGER project aligns with the core goals of many Jatan employees, so the NGO should remain involved long into the future.